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Our Story

In 2015 when I went for my annual trip to India my grand-aunt decided to take me to the slum where she worked. I was excited to go and explore a part of New Delhi which I had never gotten to explore before. Before we went, I wasn’t expecting to see something so ghastly, but as I arrived in the slum my heart sank. I had never seen such squalor in my entire life. There were pigs, dogs, cows, sheep and mosquitoes everywhere. The food shacks had mosquitoes in all the food. The houses were so small, a family of five would have to share one small room. These innocent people had to live in such squalid conditions. I couldn’t believe it. I had to do something.I devoted that entire summer helping those kids learn english. Then, when I got back to Los Angeles I realized that I should also start helping them from here, so I established a charity called iSparkle Inc. I named it iSparkle because when I saw those children they all had a sparkle in their eyes. I hope that with iSparkle these kids will have a chance at a better life. Thank you so much for your help in supporting iSparkle to help support these children!

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